Shyly gormless Alfred is assistant to vampire-seeking Professor Ambronsius, and in this story he goes out to Transylvania with his boss on a bloodsucker-hunt. There he meets lovely Sarah, the inkeeper's daughter, a lass with a fetish for bath-taking, and his mind veers to other things than vampires. But Sarah is captured by the vampirical Count von Krolock and carried of to his lairical castle, a suitably spooky place also inhabited by the obligatory Hunchback of such castles, and the count's perilously gay son. Things come to their peak at the annual Vampire Ball. But finally Alfred rescues Sarah, they embrace at last and ... well, you knew that even all those baths couldn't keep a girl clean in this castle. It's vampire time.
„The tale, the fun, the music and the spectacle all come together in what is undoubtedly the most complete and effective musical to have come out of central Europe in half a century“. (Kurt Ganzl/ The Ecyclopedia Of The Musical Theatre)