Der Prozess Pappenheimer (The Pappenheimer Trial)

ISBN 10 3882120231
1981 Verlag R. Gremer

Michael's dissertation, based on the files of a Munich witch trial from 1599. It describes in detail the procedure of a political trial meant to stop the insecurity on the roads of the early 17th century. A rare documentation of authentic voices from people who could not write. In German.

Strasse ins Feuer (Highroad To The Stake)

ISBN 3-463-00838-6
1982 Kindler Verlag

A book on the madness of the witch hunts of the late 16th century in Europe, but at the same time a critical look at jurisprudence then and now. Translated into seven languages, the book was a worldwide bestseller in the 1980's.
Please read the New York Times Book Review.

Der Freiheit eine Gasse (Give Way To Freedom)

ISBN 3-463-40004-9
1990 Kindler Verlag

The life of Gustav Stuve who was one of the leaders of the German revolution of 1848. A fervent democrat, Struve's goal was to establish a federal republic, following the example of the United States. After the bloody suppression of his revolution, he took refuge in the US and fought in the American civil war. In German.

Warum ich Pazifist bin (Why I Am Pacifist)

ISBN 3-463-00867-X
1983 Kindler Verlag

Michael contributed an extensive chapter to this little book on pacifism. He contends that there is no alternative to a new way of thinking that bans all forms of violence.

Elisabeth (in Japanese only)


The life of Austria's famous empress is told as a love story between her and death.

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